Key Personnel

The CIS experiment is a collaborative effort of several institutions. The Principal Investigator for the CIS instrument is Henri Rème from CESR, Toulouse. MPE contributed to the design, development, fabrication, and test of the CODIF sensor of CIS.

Leading Investigator at MPE: B. Klecker
Co-Investigators:H. Kucharek, G. Paschmann, and M. Scholer

Electrical and mechanical Hardware-design, fabrication and testing at MPE was carried out by F. Eberl, M. Boehm, M. Ertl, E. Kuenneth, and E. Seidenschwang, MPE-hardware fabrication was performed in the mechanical, electrical, and plastics workshops, headed by G. Pfaller, P. Reiss, and L. Pichl, respectively. Electronic box integration and testing was carried out by E. Seidenschwang. Environmental tests were carried out in MPE's test laboratory, headed by W. Stoeberl and K. Sigritz.

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