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The German Cluster Data Centre gets the raw data of the 4 Cluster satellites from ESOC on CD-ROMs. It generates two datasets of physical parameters for the EDI and RAPID instruments.

  • Prime Parameter Database (PPDB) - spin resolution (4 sec)

  • Summary Parameter Database (SPDB) - 1-min resolution

The processed data products have to be validated by the PIs.

The PP/SP data products for the other Cluster instruments are obtained form the other national data centres (NDCs) by a 'DCtoDC' data exchange system which is part of the Cluster Data Management System (CDMS).

To give a quick overview on data from all experiments, GCDC produces summary plots for each day of the mission.

  • Summary Parameter Plot Files (SPF)

Two web-based interfaces are provided for data access and data analysis.

For more information click  here.

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