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Key Personnel

The Principal Investigator for the EDI instrument is G. Paschmann.Co-Investigators at MPE are O. H. Bauer,
S. Haaland, P. Puhl-Quinn
, R. Treumann, and H. Vaith.

Hardware-design and testing at MPE was carried out by F. Melzner, R. Frenzel, P. Parigger, U. Pagel, and P. Laeverenz.

MPE-hardware fabrication was performed in the MPE mechanical, electrical, and plastics workshops, headed by G. Pfaller, P. Reiss, and L. Pichl, respectively. W. Goebel did most of the electronics-board loading and the wiring. E. Kuenneth manufactured the HV optocouplers. P. Obermayer manufactured and tested the electron gun systems.

Instrument integration was carried out by U. Pagel. Instrument tests were led by H. Vaith, with support from U. Pagel, K-H. Kaiser, and E. Seidenschwang. Environmental tests were carried out in MPE's test laboratory, headed by W. Stoeberl and K. Sigritz.

H. Vaith designed the EDI Tracking Simulator and tested the on-board software. He also has prime responsibility for commisioning and in-orbit operations. S. Frey was responsible for the Interference Campaign.


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