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Equator-S Data Centre (EDC)

EDC transfer of data from the spacecraft to the scientific community

Data Center

The German Cluster and Equator-S Data Centre, located at MPE, has taken on the task of an EQUATOR-S Data Centre (EDC). It receives the Master Data Records produced at GSOC directly via a leased data line, and also via CD-ROM. With software provided by the instrument teams, the EDC then generates two sets of key parameters, both closely modelled after the CLUSTER data sets: the Summary Parameter Data Base (SPDB) with 1-minute time resolution, and the Prime Parameter Data Base (PPDB) with 1.5 s (i.e., spin) resolution. The SPDB and PPDB contain 55 and 58 quantities, respectively. A standard set of plots of SPDB parameters is generated at the same time. The EDC also archives the data. Once validated by the Lead Investigators, the key parameters can be obtained through MPE's CDAWeb . The one-minute data (SPDB) is available to everybody, while access to the 1.5-s data (PPDB) is initially restricted to the EQUATOR-S Science Team. The SPDB will also be included on the ISTP Key Parameter CD-ROMs which are available to everbody.

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