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Scientific Advisory Board Presentation 2004

A Collection of Research Highlights
as Presented to the Fachbeirat 2004

This collection of MPE research highlights from the years 2002 to 2004 was produced for the MPE Fachbeirat ( linkScientific Advisory Board ) Meeting of November 29 to December 1, 2004.
Its goal is to provide a comprehensive overview as well as detailed information on science results, data analysis activities, ongoing experimental projects and detector developments in a fashion that is supplementary to the Annual Reports of these years. The authors of individual posters are clearly identified and are solely responsible for their contents. No attempt was made to balance the contributions from the different MPE groups, or to achieve any kind of completeness.

Our most important scientific highlights are given at the beginning of the relevant sections. They are marked in the table of contents by bold letters, and their abstracts are framed by a red box.

Each highlight is presented in the form of a mini-poster. The file format is pdf.


see below Solar System Physics
see below Stellar Evolution and the Interstellar Medium
see below Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei
see below Large Scale Structure and Cosmology
see below Complex Plasmas
see below Technology Transfer
see below Experimental / Hardware Projects

link Whole book (pdf, 60 MB!)


Solar System Physics

link Diffuse Upstream Ions at the Earth`s Foreshock
link Auroral Acceleration in thin Electric Layers

link Magnetopause Current Determination
link Characteristics of the Dawn side Magnetopause
link Oxygen Outflow in the Cusp and Polar Cap Regions
link Spatio - Temporal Coherence of O+ Outflows
link Plasma Convection across the Polar Cap
link Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling: Substorms
link Auroral Arc Electrodynamics from Satellite Data
link Wave Spectra in Auroral Acceleration Layers
link Localized Electric Auroral Wave Fields
link General Linear Mirror Mode Theory
link Structure of Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks
link Ionic Charge States in Impulsive SEP Events
link Solar Flare g-rays observed with INTEGRAL/SPI
link Discovery of X-rays from Mars with Chandra
link X-ray emissions from Saturn
link The Asteroid Preparatory Programme

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Stellar Evolution and the Interstellar Medium

link Interstellar emission in hard X-rays / soft gamma-rays

link Early stages of massive star formation
link IMF of the Massive Star-forming regions
link Outflows from Super Star Clusters in Starbursts
link Star and Planet-Formation - Theory
link Formation-Theory across the Substeller Limit
link Planet-Formation Theory
link Dynamical mass of a binary L-dwarf
link Thermal Isolated Neutron Stars
link Searching for X-ray dim Isolated Neutron Stars
link Optical polarization measurements of the Crab
link Revealing the X-ray emission processes of old rotation-powered pulsars:
XMM-Newton observations of PSR B0950+08, B0823+26 and J2043+27

link A multi-wavelength search for a counterpart of the
brightest unidentified gamma-ray source 3EG J2020+4017

link A new view of Vela X-1
link NGC 253 X-17: The first eclipsing X-ray binary outside the Local Group
link The black hole Cygnus X-1 as seen by INTEGRAL
link M33 X-7: An eclipsing black hole XRB?
link Following the evolution of IGR J17464-3213
link GRB 030329: Jets and Supernova connection
link Discovery of the near-IR Afterglow of GRB 030528
link GRBs observed in the FoV of INTEGRAL
link Gamma-Ray Bursts detected by SPI-ACS
link Spectroscopy of 26Al in the Galaxy
link Gamma rays from 26Al in the Galaxy
link 44Ti and Rate of Supernovae in the Galaxy
link Search for 44Ti emission from GRO J0852-4642
link e+ Annihilation in the Galaxy
link Spectroscopy of the UMa association
link X-ray shadowing and the Local Interstellar Medium
link Galactic GeV gamma-ray excess and gradient
link Towards the 2. COMPTEL Source Catalog
link Differential Photometry with variable Reference Stars
link Background and Sources: a joint estimation method

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Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei

link The Galactic Center
link Discovery of a Binary Black Hole in NGC 6240
link Relativistic Fe lines in the mean X-ray spectra of AGN

link The Orbit of S2 in the Galactic Center
link Infrared Flares in the Galactic Center
link The Stellar Population in the Galactic Center
link The Distance to the Galactic Center
link The strongest X-ray flare from Sgr A*
link A new effect of General Relativity and the determination of mass and spin of black holes
link ISM and star formation in the LMC N4 HII complex
link WeCAPP - Searching for Dark Matter in M31
link XMM-Newton survey of M 31 and M 33
link ISO spectra of NGC6240: Strong starburst and AGN
link SPIFFI imaging spectroscopy of NGC 6240
link Molecular Hydrogen Excitation in ULIRGs
link Gas & dust in the HyLIG BALQSO IRAS14026+4341
link The Nature of Starburst Activity in M82
link Nuclear Dynamics and Star Formation in Mkn 231
link Nuclear Dynamics and Star Formation in NGC 7469
link A MIR spectroscopic atlas of starburst galaxies
link PAHs in energetic extragalactic environments
link Dust attenuation in a galaxy like the Milky Way
link ERGs: dust attenuation and classification
link Molecular Gas in Two Lyman Break Galaxies
link Detection of a compact dwarf galaxy at birth?
link Orbital mapping of early-type galaxy dynamics
link Dark matter and stellar orbits in flattened ellipticals
link Large-scale ordered motion in a z=3.24 galaxy core
link Black Holes in Pseudobulges and Bulgeless Galaxies
link Growing Black Holes: Tidal Disruption of Stars
link Infrared vs. hard X-rays: A test of AGN unification
link Search for the 4.7Ám CO band: AGN tori vs. shells?
link Exploring the central kpc in Seyfert galaxies
link XMM-Newton observations of NLS1
link Sub-mm detection of a high-z Type 2 QSO
link A large sample of quasars observed with XMM-Newton
link Fe Ka lines in AGN observed with XMM-Newton
link Multifrequency Observations of the Gamma-Ray Blazar 3C 279 in Low State
link Acceleration in Relativistic Pair-Reconnection
link Synchrotron Radiation in Pair-Reconnection

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Large Scale Structure and Cosmology

link SPIFFI Observes an Old, Fat, and Rich Starburst
link The Star Formation history in FDF & GOODS fields
link Stellar Masses of Field Galaxies from MUNICS and FDF
link Probing Turbulence in the Coma Galaxy Cluster

link Evolution of the Luminosity Function in the FDF
link XMM-Newton observations of the Lockman Hole
link Mid-IR emission from X-ray sources in the Lockman Hole
link The Extended Chandra Deep Field South
link Resolving the X-ray background with Chandra
link Evolution of AGN in the Cosmic web
link Anti-hierarchical Evolution of AGN
link CO Detections of Luminous Submm Galaxies
link Sub-arcsecond mm imaging of submm galaxies
link The faint counterparts of MAMBO mm galaxies
link The High Redshift Galaxy Spectroscopic Imaging Survey in the Near-Infrared

link High Redshift Galaxies and the Sources of Reionization
link AGB stars to date high-z galaxies with Spitzer
link Age indicators for galaxies up to z~1
link The ESO Distant Cluster Survey (EDisCS)
link EPIC-XMM-Newton Observations of two nearby Galaxy Clusters
link High Redshift Double Cluster of Galaxies:
XMM-Newton observations of RX J1053.7+5735 at z ~ 1.1 in the Lockman Hole

link Dark matter and gas entropy in poor clusters
link The Velocity Dispersion of Poor Groups of Galaxies
link Exploring the Structure of Galaxy Clusters at z ~ 0.3
link The All-Sky ROSAT X-ray Cluster Survey
link Cosmology with X-ray Clusters
link Probing Dark Energy with OmegaCAM
link Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background

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Complex Plasmas

link Highly Resolved Fluid Flows - "Liquid Plasmas" at the Kinetic Level
link Momentum Transfer in Complex Plasmas

link Kinetics of non-Hamiltonian ensembles
link Phase States of Complex Plasmas
link The adaptive electrode in electronegative plasma
link The adaptive electrode: complex-plasma manipulation (how to move particles using RF)
link Study of the Crystallisation Process of Complex Plasmas
link Crystallization waves in complex plasma: numerical simulations
link Electrostatic Modes in Collisional Complex Plasmas under Microgravity Conditions
link Vertical wave packets in a 2D complex plasma
link Wave modes in a 2D complex (dusty) plasma
link Origin of the curved nature of Mach cone wings in complex plasmas
link Wave dispersion relation of two-dimensional plasma crystals in a magnetic field
link Agglomerations of Magnetized Particles in Complex Plasmas
link Vertical oscillations of paramagnetic particles in complex plasmas
link Measurement of the micro particle charge in a weakly ionized plasma of a dc discharge
link Particle Growth Experiments (PAGE)

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Technology Transfer

link Non-linear Dynamics of the Atomic Force Microscope

link Unveiling non-linearities via the Structure Analysis of Fourier Phase Maps
link Image Enhancement Using Information Measures
link Particle Tracking Using an Evolutionary Approach
link Molecular Simulations of the Dynamics of Grain Boundaries in Two-Dimensional Networks
link Sand Grains as Indicator for Water on Mars
link Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Brain Activity
link Structure Analysis of Proximal Femur HRMRI`s using a
3D Anisotropic Method for the Prediction of Mechanical Strength

link Using 3-dim Scaling Properties in Magnetic Resonance Images
for the Prediction of Osteoporotic Fractures

link Topological Analysis of Bone Structures Based on Minkowski Functionals
link Discrimination of Biological Cell Components using Minkowski Functionals

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Experimental / Hardware Projects

link Technical Groups at MPE
link Mechanical Engineering
link Electronics
link MPI Halbleiterlabor
link Photodetector Array Camera & Spectrometer (PACS) for the ESA Herschel Space Observatory
link Herschel - PACS On-Ground Calibration
link The PACS Electrical Ground Support System at MPE
link Stressed Ge:Ga Far Infrared Detector Arrays for Herschel/PACS and SOFIA/FIFI LS
link FIFI LS: A Far-Infrared Field-Imaging Line Spectrometer for SOFIA
link GaAs BIB detector development
link SPIFFI / SINFONI: First Light at the VLT
link PARSEC - the laser for the VLT
link KMOS - a NIR multi IFU spectrograph for the VLT
link Image Selection and Image Slicing for KMOS
link Participation in and Status of the LBT
link The LUCIFER Multi-Object-Spectroscopy Unit
link OmegaCAM
link Astro-WISE
link GROND - GRB Optical/NIR Detector
link pnCCD for Low Light Level Optical Photons
link High-Speed CCDs for optical and NIR astronomy
link The PANTER X-ray Test Facility
link X-Ray Evolving Universe Spectrometer (XEUS)
link The Wide Field Imager for XEUS
link DEPMOSFET sensor matrix prototypes for the XEUS Wide Field Imager
link XTRA - XEUS Timing for Relativistic Astronomy
link From XMM-Newton to XEUS
link Dark Universe Observatory (DUO)
link The DUO X-ray Camera
link Frame store PN-CCD for the DUO mission
link Characterization of silicon detectors using the Mesh method
link DEPFET Macro Pixel Detectors
link Silicon Drift Detectors - in Heaven and on Earth
link Glass segmented mirrors for large X-Ray Optics
link X-ray optics with ultra high angular resolution
link SPI Gamma-Ray Spectrometer on INTEGRAL
link Swift at MPE
link GBM - a Burst Monitor for GLAST
link The MEGA Project
link Calibration of the MEGA Prototype
link MEGA: measuring polarization in gamma-rays
link The Compton Camera Imager
link X and Gamma Ray Detection with SDDs
link CAST - CERN Axion Solar Telescope
link PKE-Nefedov: Complex Plasmas on the ISS
link PK-3 Plus - Future Experiments on the ISS
link The Complex Plasma Experiment PK-4

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