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MPA / MPE Vodcasts

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1. MPE Vodcast at MünchenVideo (in German)

Video for download
(5:30 Minuten; flv-format; 47 MB; in German)

On January 29, 2009 our first video podcast was produced at the MPE, kick-off of a series of about 12 five-minute-films on our institute and our neighbour MPA. The topics will be our main scientific results, but also the institutes themselves with their particular corporate identity, their unique research atmosphere and, most importantly, the persons who meet here every day and collaborate with each other.

At the premiere Stefan Gillessen, Frank Eisenhauer and Mona Clerico (MPE) together with Jörg Lüning and presenter Sabrina Bachmann (Video München) used their best endeavours to put the black hole in the centre of our galaxy in perspective. At the moment we are planning our next MPE video on Herschel/PACS and an MPA video on Planck.

The vodcasts will be distributed via our own channel at YouTube and MünchenVideo, and we hope that they will reach many young people there who didn't come into touch with astrophysics before.

All pictures taken during the shooting: M. Clerico

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