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Basic Space Plasma Physics

Page 53, after Eq. (4.18)

...inversely proportional to the square root of the electron density...

Page 140, second paragraph

The collisional term is defined by R = Rei = Rie ...

Page 169, Eq. (8.28)

Page 173, after Eq. (8.39)

...reveals another interesting property. Since vn and Bn are constant, the tangential velocity and tangential magnetic field difference vectors are parallel. Magnetic field strength and thermal pressure are each continuous across the discontinuity...

Page 174, Fig. 8.7

v is errorneously shown to be constant across a rotational discontinuity in the second panel from the bottom on the right-hand side. In fact, only vn is constant across a RD.

Page 178, Eq. (8.61)

Page 178, Eq. (8.64)

The upper equation should read:

Page 221, Eq. (9.93)

Page 221, Eq. (9.94)

The upper equation should read :

Page 231, Eq. (9.128)

Page 253, Eq. (10.26)

Page 253, Eq. (10.32)

Page 275, Eq. (10.114)

Page 323, Eq. (B.43)

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