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GRAVITY is being built by four institutes that have agreed to collaborate closely for this purpose. A board of directors oversees the collaboration including publication policy. The development will be done by an adequate team of scientists and engineers with a long-standing record in interferometry, adaptive optics, and astronomical instrumentation.


  current members phone numbers email photo
link MPE link Frank Eisenhauer Principal Investigator +49-89-300003563 eisenhau"at"
link Sebastian Rabien Project Manager +49-89-300003277 srabien"at"
link Reiner Hofmann Scientist, Detectors +49-89-300003289 hofmann"at"
link Stefan Gillessen Scientist, Metrology +49-89-300003839 ste"at"
link Marcus Haug Mechanical Engineering +49-89-300003354 haug"at"
Markus Thiel System Engineer +49-89-300003395 thiel"at"
link Stefan Kellner Electrical Engineering +49-89-300003823 kellner"at"
Alexander Graeter Instrument Software +49-89-300003713 alex.graeter"at"
Julian Ziegleder Testing of phase shifter +49-89-300003836 ziegleder"at"  
link Katie Dodds-Eden Science +49-89-300003282 katie"at"  
link Oliver Pfuhl   +49-89-300003283 pfuhl"at"  
link Hendrik Bartko   +49-89-300003296 hbartko"at"  
external link PHASE external link Guy Perrin Co-I +33-1 45077963 guy.perrin"at"
Gerard Rousset Scientist, Fringe Tracking +33-1-45077549 Gerard.Rousset"at"
Eric Gendron, AO Simulations Scientist +33-1-45077918 eric.gendron"at"
Pierre Kervella Scientist, Software Architecture +33-1-45077966 pierre.kervella"at"
Yann Clenet Scientist +33-1-45077548 yann.clenet"at"
Daniel Rouan Scientist +33-1-45077915 daniel.rouan"at"
link Thibaut Paumard Scientist, Simulations +33-1-45077545 Thibaut.Paumard"at"
Xavier Haubois Instrument model +33-1-45077101 xavier.haubois"at"
Pierre Fedou System Engineer +33-1-45077670 pierre.fedou"at"
Frederic Cassaing Fringe tracking +33-1-46734854 frederic.cassaing"at"
Denis Ziegler Electronics +33-1-45077780 Denis.Ziegler"at" 
Michel Marteaud Mechanical Engineering +33-1-45077653   Michel.Marteaud"at"  
Kamel Houairi Fringe Tracking   kamel.houairi"at" 
Bertrand Le Ruyet Electronics +33-1-45077974  Bertrand.LeRuyet"at" 
Cecile Gueriau Cryogenics +33-1-45077682   Cecile.Gueriau"at" 
Jean-Michel Reess Optics +33-1-45077658  Jean-Michel.Reess"at" 
Arnaud Sevin Adaptive Optics +33-1-45077981   arnaud.sevin"at" 
external link LAOG
Jean-Philippe Berger Scientist, Fiber/IO Systems, Data reduction +33-4-76635523 jean-philippe.berger"at"
Thierry Forveille Scientist +33-4-76514206 thierry.forveille"at"
Laurent Jocou Engineer, Fiber/IO Systems, IO characterization, Fiber/IO connection packaging +33-4-76635803 laurent.jocou"at"  
Karine Perraut Scientist, Fiber/IO Polarization control +33-4-76635515 karine.perraut"at"  
Thibaut Moulin Technician, Fiber/IO characterization +33-4- thibaut.moulin"at"
Sylvestre Lacour Scientist +33-4- sylvestre.lacour"at"  
external link MPIA external link Wolfgang Brandner Co-I +49-6221-528289 brandner"at"
external link Stefan Hippler Scientist +49-6221-528265 hippler"at"
external link Rainer Lenzen Scientist & Optics +49-6221-528228 lenzen"at"
external link Ralf-Rainer Rohloff Construction +49-6221-528310 rohloff"at"
Werner Laun Cryogenics +49-6221-528279 laun"at"
Armin Boehm Fine Mechanics +49-6221-528240 boehm"at"  
Ralf Klein Readout electronics +49-6221-528336 klein"at"
Vianak Naranjo IR detectors +49-6221-528290 naranjo"at"
Jose Ricardo Ramos Instrument control electronics (WFS) +49-6221-528222 ramos"at"
Udo Neumann AO/Instrument Software +49-6221-528302 uneu"at"
Felix Hormuth Diploma Student +49-6221-528392  hormuth"at" 
Harald Baumeister Optomechanics  +49-6221-528316  baumeister"at"
Karl Wagner Electronics +49-6221-528231 wagner"at"
Sebastian Daemgen   +49-6221-528-??? daemgen"at"
Boyke Rochau   +49-6221-528400 rochau"at"
external link UoC external link Christian Straubmeier Co-I +49-221-4703552 cstraubm"at"
external link Andreas Eckart Scientist +49-221-4703546 eckart"at"
external link Michael Wiest Mechanics +49-221-4703548 mwiest"at"
external link Constanza Araujo-Hauck Optics +49-221-4707788 caraujo"at"  
external link Sebastian Fischer Software, System +49-221-4703552 fischer"at"  
external link SIM external link Antonio Amorim Acquisition Camera +351-217500887 Antonio.Amorim"at"
Jorge Lima Acquisition Camera   jlima"at"  
Paolo Garcia Scientist, Software   pgarcia"at"

Board of directors

link MPE link Reinhard Genzel
external link LESIA J.L. Bougeret
external link MPIA external link Thomas Henning
external link UoC external link Andreas Eckart
PI link Frank Eisenhauer

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