RINGBERG IR 09 (Nov 01-04)
Second email announcement (Oct 16, 2009)

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Dear All,

Just a few bits of logistical information regarding the upcoming Ringberg

1) There is now a tentative complete agenda on the IR-group web page:


Keep checking the web site, since we will post there any changes to the
program as they come in.

2) Please let me know ASAP if your plans have changed since you sent back
your accommodation form. Both Ringberg and the hotel in Rottach-Egern
need final numbers within the next days.

3) Thank you very much to those in private cars willing to take other
participants along with you to Ringberg. We will post a sheet in the IR
coffee corner where people needing rides can coordinate with specific
drivers. We have the MPE mini-bus (9 seater) that will leave from
Garching on the Sunday at a time determined by Ric (who will be the
friendly bus-driver!).

4) There are ~50 of us attending Ringberg in total, so some people will
be lodged in a hotel in Rottach-Egern. For those in the hotel, you are
welcome to have lunch and dinner in the castle. To minimize overheads on
the Ringberg staff we have preferentially lodged those who are staying
the full three nights in Ringberg, while those staying for shorter
periods may be in hotels. I'll send out the room assignments about a
week before the retreat.

5) We will have a Brotzeit at the opening reception on Sunday evening.
At this occasion it would be nice if all of the newest members of the
group would give a short introduction about themselves. We hope you are
all willing!

We're looking forward to seeing you all at Ringberg!

Linda and the LOC

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