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Refereed Journals

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    (astro-ph/0604262) Accepted for publication by A&A

Conference Proceedings

  • P. Erwin, The Coexistence of Classical Bulges and Disky Pseudobulges in Early-Type Disk Galaxies, astro-ph/arXiv:0709.3793, to appear in IAU Symposium 245: Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Bulges, ed. M. Bureau, E. Athanassoula, B. Barbuy, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)
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  • E. Noyola, K. Gebhardt, M. Bergmann Central dynamics of globular clusters: the case for a black hole in omega Cen,to appear in IAU Symposium 246: Dynamical Evolution of Dense Stellar Systems, ed. E. Vesperini, M. Giersz, A. Sills (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)
  • M. Pohlen, P. Erwin, I. Trujillo, J.E. Beckman, Three Types of Galaxy Disks, astro-ph/arXiv:0706.3830, to appear in Pathways through an Eclectic Universe, ed. J.H. Knapen, T.J. Mahoney, A. Vazdekis (San Francisco: ASP Conference Series)
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