PNS MANUAL: Cupboard

Where to find what

The PNS key is no 48 in the ING key-cupboard


Until further notice, one filter (usually filter B) is stored in the instrument and the other two in the cupboard -- open the A4 box with care and always use clean gloves when handling filters. Do not attempt to clean filters, not even with an air blaster! The A and C filters are in their own wooden boxes - and these are in turn in a cardboard box ("PN.S BOX 3"). If filter B needs to be stored, use the round plastic box in the cupboard.


The cupboard is in the dome area, one level below the telescope. The old PC and cables are still stored there. You now only need the laptop, a connection to the serial port, filters, Other contents:


Place the three cover plates (two round, one square) on TOP of the PN.S cupboard so the observatory staff can find them when they remove the instrument for storage

Please place excess screws back in the cupboard

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