PNS MANUAL: installation / laptop

The HP (Microsoft) laptop, running under XP, replaced the older DOS machine in 2007. The control software may operate on other versions of Microsoft, but this has not been tested. Also, versions of Windows higher than XP will likely not allow re-compilation (if needed) with our BORLAND compiler. Note that, to date, compilation of all versions have been done by Erik de Wit of ElektonX in Assen NL.


Note that if you need to install the software
on a different machine the most convenient thing is to
copy over an existing Windows XP executable file.
The current executable is PNS.rename.2.4 which should be renamed "PNS.exe" upon installation. It is in fact Version 2.4 build 080123 (jan 2008). Only is something has gone wrong (such as wiping the hard disk) will you need to re-install the compiler, but if thst is the case follow the following steps:

Installing the Compiler

  1. C++ Builder 6
  2. typical installation
  3. VISI/CORBA - no
  4. office 2000 controls
  5. <.....interbase client - no
  6. < installn dbase - yes
  7. Set Build_exe_only_readme
  8. Install C++ comport.txt
  • Compiling the program
    1. START - C++ builder
    2. find a recent source code, such as that on the Jan 2008 CD.
    3. file -> open project - project2.bpr
    4. P0510_V2 ... Project2.~bpr
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