PNS MANUAL: installation / mechanics

Mechanical aspects of setting up

Cass at WHT

The observatory staff know all about this. The only thing to check (and this is important!) is the position angle. There are felt-pen markings on the telescope and instrument flanges which must align.

The cryostats will be mounted shortly afterwards. Check that EEV12 is on the Left arm and EEV13 is on the Right. Usually the Marconi is on the H-aC , note otherwise. During observations, the area around the dewar windows is flushed with nitrogen, again the observatory staff know all about this but it has been known to be forgotten so check.

The PN.S has a cupboard in the Mezanine area one floor below the telescope.

Nasmyth at TNG

Not currently relevant (nor possible: the flange has not yet been constructed).

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