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workshop drawing with rooftop grating arrangement

jpg | eps   jpg   jpg   workshop drawing with concave grating arrangement

mechanical layout at TNG

optical layout (one [O III] arm)

optical layout (H arm)

sketch of beam at grating for various cases

V18 sketch (from v18-5.dwg)

Construction of the aluminium housing, supplied by Jan Idserda at NFRA, October 1999

The lenses in various stages of completion at RSAA (Mt Stromlo), photos taken by Nigel Douglas on February 15 2000.

The housing near completion at ASTRON, sent by Jan Idserda on March 17 2000.

The camera mounts at ASTRON, sent by Jan Idserda on April 3 2000.


The camera and collimator housings, in "[O III] green" (RAL 6016), photos taken at ASTRON by Nigel on May 12 2000.

Image of the 600 g/mm gratings from Richardson Labs (Gabe Bloxham, Sep 21 2000, at MSO).

Upon unpacking (Sep 14) Gabe found cosmetic defects, best described as several visual lines, in same direction as the rulings. One extends to about 1/2 length of the grating.

Apart from a few small spots, the cosmetic lines are visible, near the left edge on left grating, and near center on the right grating.

The beautiful V-configuration grating mount made by RSAA (Gabe Bloxham, Sep 21 2000)

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