Photos from the commissioning run -- July 2001

Santa Cruz de la Palma. The peak: Roque de los Muchachos and Caldera de Taburiente. The Residencia, high above the clouds. The 4.2-meter William Herschel Telescope. The PN.S arrives at the mountain (not really).

Aaron with the collimator. Nigel with the camera unit. Aaron and Romano Corradi with the WHT Cassegrain mounting ring. Nigel peers through the collimator. Kevin Dee reorients the camera.

Raising the collimator into position on the telescope. Joining the instrument halves. The instrument (minus CCDs) is good to go! Peter Moore with the CCD cryostats. The cryostats.

Installing the CCD controllers. Washers used as antidote to flexure. The filter tuning dial. Nigel debugs the controller software. Liquid nitrogen fill.

Big Big
Konrad and Mike observe the "finished product". Ready to go! Wide view of the PN.S and WHT. The PN.S hangs happily off the telescope. First (flat) exposures!
Mike & Konrad inspect the camera focus. The sun sets and the night's observing awaits... Sample images coming here soon...
The present members of the PN.S team pose with the instrument: Mike, Konrad, Nigel and Aaron. Dismounting the PN.S. Unbolting. The overall clearance is a hairsbreadth! The PN.S dangles in front of the WHT.

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