Photos from March 2002 observing run

We'd just missed a big snowstorm. The WHT. The WHT. The domes silhouetted
on the caldera ridge.
The Residencia.

Big Big Big
The PN.S. The PN.S. The PN.S. Nigel at the PN.S. Filling the
camera cryostats.
The new locking nuts to
ameliorate cryostat flexure.

Carlos with the WHT. Taking dome flats. The observing team with the PN.S. The observing team in the control room. The GranTeCan well underway.

Cloud cover. More clouds. Fog. Freezing fog.

The ice storm. The ice builds up. The next day's remainders. Watch out for black ice!

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last modified by AJR, 28 August 2003