Photos from March 2003 observing run

Bad plane connection, ND stranded on Gran Canaria Removal of grating unit Registration of status quo
Replacing the grating unit WHT control panel, safety being released Removing the unit again View of the unit which contains the spring; we tried to adjust the pressure of this spring
View from below showing the PNS and location of cassegrain equipment
Sequence of images showing the steps in mirror cleaning with foam
Views from the dome catwalk
WHT contol room, group pictures
Nicola Nigel Helen Aaron
Lionel prepares for another dreaded stomach-lurching descent. Computer room as seen from the lounge, Residencia Residencia from the outside
At the airport, ND noticed publicity posters of La Palma which feature the enormously varied cloud formations He was noticed in turn by Dacil, who used to work in the Residencia The appearance of this car is evidence of the fact that we had just missed the Fiesta del Pulvo in which, as the story goes, thin-legged Englishmen are pounded with flour while their wives screech "Derek, I just washed those shorts!" etc
Goin' home.

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