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Red items need to be done by next observing run

Order suite of H-a filters, with velocity corresp. to OIII filters but with extra width as these filters cannot be tilted. solved, a wide/narrow combination is ok, and the filters do tilt somewhat. In addition, why does the uniblitz seem not to work properly (dec 2007)

  • Data sets to reduce (primary)
  • Group-wide discussion on Data analysis
  • Miscellaneous
  • Instrument

    1. Alignment scheme with separate weights appropriate to galaxy halo and galaxy center; second weighting scheme added to Xstartrails (NGD 1/04)
    2. USNO-B data and proper motion now incorprated (NGD 1/04)
    3. Problem raised by AJR (too many flats discarded due to screening possible non-linear pixels in checked out (NGD 1/04) - but indeed masks included by weaker criteria turn out to cause false results
    4. make test images by seeding real images with an artificial PNe and running them through the pipeline (NGD 2/04); rather crude, the fake image is just a simplified mask with OBSTYPE as "TARGET", there should be one for each filter directory
    5. Place data on disk and distribute links to team (by ND July 2005)
    6. CHECK LA_COS AGAIN... does it leave many residuals?? Yes (ND 4/05) has been replaced by new program (KK 5/05)

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