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Public Outreach News

C&K Logo
June 12, 2012, 7 pm
X-ray satellite Future technology for X-ray telescopes

Cosmology Exhibition
Cosmology Exhibition in the Deutsche Museum

Opened December 9, 2009
Public Outreach
see below Guided Tours through the Institute     see below Open House etc.
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see below MPE Annual Reports / Annual Statistics     see below MPE Calendar
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Persons Involved in Public Relations and Public Outreach:

linkDr. H. Hämmerle   (MPE and MPA press officer)
Email: pr
Phone: (+49 89) 30000 - 3980

linkDr. Werner Collmar   (scientific secretary)
Email: mpe
Phone: (+49 89) 30000 - 3271

link Prof. Dr. Werner Becker   (assistent to the director)
Email: adg
Phone: (+49 89) 30000 - 3588


Guided Tours through the Institute

Guides tours are offered for groups. If requested, they are available in English.
After an general introduction, scientists of the various groups of the institute will guide you through their departments.

Please contact the institut's scientific secretary to fix a date:

Dr. Werner Collmar
Phone. +49 89 30000-3271
E-mail: mpe@mpe.mpg.de

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Open House (Tag der offenen Tür) etc.

The institute participates actively in the bi-annual "Open House" event on the Garching campus.

The last open house was on Saturday, October 15, 2011.

The next open house is planned for October 2013

(Program and pictures from link2003,   link2005,   link2006,   linkScience Night 2007,   link2009,   link2011.)

kinderprogramm 2009     externer Verweis Pictures taken during a previous open house

Since 2008 the MPE together with the MPA also participates on the external link "Girls' Day".

      Girls' Day 2008:   VerweisPictures and a   Verweis report written by two participants (pdf; 600 kB; in German language).

      Girls' Day 2009:   VerweisPictures

      Girls' Day 2010 was on Thursday, April 22, 2010:   VerweisProgram (in German language)

      Girls' Day 2011 was on Thursday, April 14, 2011:   VerweisPictures (in German language)

The next Girls' Day will take place on 

          Thursday, April 26, 2012:
  link announcement and registration

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Students come from all over Bavaria to the Max Planck Day at MPE

On 11 November 2011 the MPE and many other Max Planck Institutes joined the celebrations for the 100-year anniversary of the Max Planck Society with special events for students. This year commemorates the founding of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft in 1911, which was succeeded by the Max Planck Society in 1948.

The Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics participated in this nation-wide activity with a programme for high-school students, where they learned about the astronomical research and work environment at our institute. After a short overview of the research topics, the more than 100 students from six schools spread throughout Bavaria could interview a panel of young scientists about their experiences and every day work at an astronomical institute. The feedback to the subsequent tours to individual groups and departments was unanimous: very interesting, but too short! In the following astroquiz, there were many lively discussions about various topics, which also had to be cut short as time was running out. "Experts" for a broad range of astronomical issues certainly would come in handy in school as well!
Fortunately, experts were on hand during the astroquiz to help with tricky questions.
A scale model of the solar system on toilet paper - the students calculated and measured eagerly.
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Institute Videos

When the institute was celebrating it's 40th anniversary in 2003, a short video (in German only) lasting 7 minutes was released showing the work at the MPE.
It is avaliable here in MPEG format. Be aware that it is huge (138 MB)!
    link to video MPE Video   (2003), 7 minutes, 138 MB.

To show the technical facilities of the institute to the Visiting Committee in 2007, a video was prepared that concentrates on this important part of our work.
It is avaliable here in MP4 format.
    link to video Instruments and technology development at the MPE   (2007), 22 minutes, 90 MB.

In January 2009 our first  external linkvideo podcast ("vodcast") was produced at the MPE, kick-off of a series of five to ten short films on our institute. The topics will be our main scientific results, but also the institute themselve with its particular corporate identity, its unique research atmosphere and, most importantly, the persons who meet here every day and collaborate with each other.
    link to video 1st MPE Vodcast - The Galactic Center   (January 2009), 5:30 minutes, 47 MB.
    link to video 2nd MPE Vodcast - Herschel / PACS   (March 2009), 8:20 minutes, 56 MB.
    link to video 3rd MPE Vodcast - Black Holes   (September 2009), 8:26 minutes, 42 MB.

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MPE Annual Reports

(1967 - 2006)

Each year in spring since 1968, the MPE annual report was issued covering the events of the last year. In addition, all publications of this period as well as statistics, lists of all groups, emplojees, and committees had been compiled. Since 1993 the most important events and results were presented in both German and English language. This tradition ended 2006 with the decision to discontinue the publication of annual reports after 40 years.

The annual reports 1998 - 2003 can be accessed directly in html-format through the MPE web pages. Since 2002, the report is available in pdf-format.

link List of all available Annual Reports

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MPE Calendar

Starting in 1991 calendars have been issued by MPE. Although originally called "ROSAT" calendar they contained contributions from all MPE departments.
After the end of the ROSAT mission calendars were still issued and renamed MPE calendars.
This tradition was ended 2009 after the 19th calendar by the decision to no longer continue this successful series.

Since some years the calendars have been available in pdf format.

(5 MB)

(10 MB)

(4 MB)

(6 MB)
link Older calendars

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Astronomy for Kids

For the first time, a special program for kids was introduced during the "Day of Open Doors" 2003. Due to the great effort of all involved it was a great success - even in the press. It now has become an important part of this events.

The program and pictures taken during the day 2003 are available  linkhere (in German).
The program and pictures taken during the day 2005 are available  Verweishere (in German).
The program and pictures taken during the day 2006 are available  Verweishere (in German).
The program and pictures taken during the day 2009 are available  Verweishere (in German).

The next event is planned for October 2011.

link Prof. Dr. Werner Becker presented in 2004 the following  linklectures to school childeren (web page in German language) of the age ~ 9-12 years:

link Faszination Sternbilder (pdf, 8.2 MB; in German language)
   link Contents (in German language)

link Sonne, Mond und Sterne (pdf, 4.1 MB; in German language)
   link Contents (in German language)

link Astronomische Teleskope (pdf, 2.1 MB; in German language)
   link Contents (in German language)

link Raketen zu den Planetenräumen (pdf, 1.3 MB; in German language)
   link Contents (in German language)

link Sternbilder (pdf, 5.8 MB; in German language)
   link Contents (in German language)

Media Echo (in German):

    Verweis Münchner Merkur (2010-02-03)
    Verweis Süd-Ost Kurier (2010-02-03)

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link Prof. Dr. Werner Becker gave a lecture to senior citicens at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (January 20, 2003) with the title

"Neutronensterne, Pulsare und Supernovaüberreste".
The material presented (in German language) is available  linkhere (pdf; 4.1 MB).

The Infrared-/Submm-group ( VerweisDr. E Sturm) introduces it's research field with three posters. All of them are in German language and available in PowerPoint and pdf format:

VerweisDr. Andreas Müller, former member of the MPE, has written two articles for the web projekt  VerweisEinstein online of the AEI Golm:

externer Verweis "Glühende Scheiben"   (on accretion)

externer Verweis "Ultraheiße Leuchtfeuer im All"   (on black holes)

Both articles are in German language.

Press Releases

The MPE issues press releases on its own ot in collaboration with other institutions. A collection of press releases from and/or with participation of the MPE can be viewed   internal link here.

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