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Press Releases since 2010 from MPE and with MPE Participation

Verweis How interstellar beacons could help future spacecraft find their way across the universe
MPE press release April 12, 2012

Verweis Ewine van Dishoeck and Peter Hagoort receive prestigious prize from Dutch Academy of Sciences
MPE press release April 5, 2012

Verweis Observing the galaxy distribution when the universe was half its current age
MPE press release March 30, 2012

Verweis First ultraluminous source in Andromeda galaxy unmasked as stellar mass black hole
MPE press release February 23, 2012

Verweis Crafoord Prize in Astronomy 2012 for Reinhard Genzel
MPE press release January 19, 2012

Verweis Galactic Black Hole disrupts Gas Cloud
MPE press release December 14, 2011

Verweis Agreement on eROSITA data reached - German scientists ready for the hunt on dark energy
MPE press release; October 19, 2011

Verweis EUCLID space mission selected by ESA
MPE press release; October 04, 2011

Verweis James-Maxwell-Prize for Gregor Morfill
MPE press release; July 19, 2011

Verweis Reinhard Genzel receives Karl Schwarzschild Medal 2011
MPE press release; July 13, 2011

Verweis Caught in the act: Herschel detects gigantic storms sweeping entire galaxies clean
MPE press release; May 9, 2011

Verweis No direct link between black holes and Dark Matter
MPE press release; January 10, 2011

Verweis Space telescope catches antimatter from terrestrial thunderstorms
MPE press release; January 20, 2011

Verweis Astronomers' first "movie of the sky": Pan-STARRS survey starts science mission
MPE/MPG press release; June 17, 2010

Verweis Massive Black holes "switch on" due to galaxy collision
MPE/MPG press release; June 15, 2010

Verweis Kirpal Nandra appointed as new Director at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
MPE press release; June 10, 2010

Verweis View of the night sky with more than 250 eyes
MPE press release; June 8, 2010

Verweis Novel observing mode on XMM-Newton opens new perspectives on galaxy clusters
MPE press release; May 31, 2010

Verweis Most distant galaxy cluster revealed by invisible light
MPE press release; May 10, 2010

Verweis Herschel Space Telescope: Successful first year for German researchers
MPE press release; May 6, 2010

Verweis Black Holes - "Gas Blowers" of the Universe
MPE and MPG press release; April 30, 2010

link Young galaxies gorge on gas
MPE and MPG press release; February 10, 2010

link Pin-pointing water in space
MPE and MPG press release; February 8, 2010

link Plasma Experiment celebrates its anniversary on board ISS
MPE and DLR press release; January 27, 2010
All press releases and news before 2010 are stored in an   linkarchive.

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Annual Reports / Annual Statistics

In 2007 it was decided to no longer publish annual reports. The statistics part formerly contained in the annual report can now be found in the annual statistics report. A summary of the scientific work at MPE is now contained in the "Presentations for the Scientific Advisory Board" (see next topic) which cover several years.
Statistics 2010
annual statistics 2010 title page
(pdf; 1 MB)
Report 2007 - 2009
Report 2007 -  2009
(pdf; 16 MB)
Statistics 2009
annual statistics 2009
(pdf; 769 kB)
Statistics 2008

(pdf; 827 kB)
Statistics 2007

(pdf; 717 kB)
Report 2006
Report 2005
Report 2004
Report 2003
Report 2002
Report 2001
Report 2000
Report 1999
Report 1998
This reports and annual reports of previous years can be ordered through the MPA/MPE Library at:

Starting with the annual report 1993, the text is in German and English language.
There are two separate versions of the annual report 2006: one in English language and one in German language.

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Presentations for the Scientific Advisory Board

This presentations, which are produced for the visit of the Scientific Advisory Board, give a detailed overview over important scientific results of the time covered.
2010:     link Scientific Highlights 2007 - 2009       (234 mini-poster)     and   pdf Report 2007-2009

2007:     link Scientific Highlights 2005 and 2006   (152 mini-poster)

2004:     link Scientific Highlights 2002 - 2004       (194 mini-poster)

2002:     link Scientific Highlights 2000 and 2001   (172 mini-poster)

1997:     link Scientific Highlights 1997                 (151 mini-poster)

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Publication Lists

(Statistics information on the publications of MPE are given in the annual reports and since 2007 in the annual statistics.)
pdf All MPE Publications 2009
(pdf; 287 kB)

pdf All MPE Publications 2008
(pdf; 422 kB)

pdf All MPE Publications 2007
(pdf; 259 kB)

pdf All MPE Publications 2006
(pdf; 262 kB)

pdf All MPE Publications 2005
(pdf (610 kB); from the   linkannual report 2005)

pdf All MPE Publications 2004
(pdf (11.6 MB); from the   linkannual report 2004)

link All MPE Publications 2003
(from the annual report 2003)

link All MPE Publications 2002
(from the annual report 2002)

link All MPE Publications 2001
(from the annual report 2001)

link All MPE Publications 2000
(from the annual report 2000)

link All MPE Publications 1999
(from the annual report 1999)

link All MPE Publications 1998
(from the annual report 1998)

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