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Research Groups at MPE

Besides the four main MPE research departments there exist several research groups at the MPE that are either independent or connected to the main research departments.

Theoretical Modeling of Cosmic Structures (TMoX)

external link Max Planck Research Group (description available in German only)

This group has been established in October 2008 and since then has been focusing on the theoretical modelling aspects of structure in the evolving Universe.
Topics covered are the formation and evolution of elliptical galaxies and super-massive black holes, the formation of disk galaxies, the formation of dark matter halos, signatures of dark energy, star formation, metal enrichment, the evolution of the galaxy population from high to low redshift, and the first galaxies.

link to more pages TMoX web pages

Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei

Group of a external link Max Planck Fellow (description available in German only)

The group was founded in 2006 on award of a MPG-Fellowship to Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkert (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München). It is a collaboration between the LMU and the MPE. The group consists currently of five members. Primary research focus are investigations on the physics of the centres of galaxies. Computer simulations, including gas dynamics and radiative transfer are carried out with grid and particle based codes. We complement observational projects at MPE and collaborate closely with the computational astrophysics group at the university observatory.

link to more pages web pages of the group

Star and planet formation

External scientific member group

This group has been established in January 2008 and focuses on the formation of stars and planets in nearby molecular clouds and their astrochemistry. Infrared and submillimeter ground and space-based telescopes are used combined with theoretical modeling.

Detailed description can be found  internal link here
(scroll down to Studies of star formation and the (dense) interstellar medium)

Space Plasma Physics of Near-Earth Environment

Research topics are Auroral plasma physics, physics of the magnetosphere, solar physics, solar wind, heliosphere, comets, development of new particle and field detectors, planetary and small bodies of the solar system.

link web pages of the "Space Plasma Physics of Near-Earth Environment" group

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