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Annual Report 2006

Experiments and Projects

Student Experiment 'Plasma Crystal'

Since 2003 we offer a student experiment, called 'plasma crystal', as part of the physics education ('Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum') at the Technical University Munich and the University Ulm. The aim of this experiment is the creation and investigation of a plasma crystal (structure, dynamics, correlations) in an rf discharge plasma by the students. For this purpose a complete set-up on the basis of the PKE-Nefedov chamber (see section 3.4) is provided at our institute. About 15 groups consisting of 2 - 3 students from the Technical University perform this experiment every semester. In addition, a practical course for students from the University Ulm takes place once a year for one week.

Fig. 1a-c: Students of the Technische Universität München performing the experiment 'Plasma Crystal' during the Fortgeschrittenen (Advanced) Praktikum. (Pictures courtesy of M. Kretschmer)

Fig.1a a

Fig.1b b

Fig.1c c

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