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Complex Plasmas

Video Archive

Here's a small archive of video clips from MPE's ''complex plasmas'' group. The clips are in MPEG4 format (h.264*, for experts). If you experience any problems during playback please try the latest version of QuickTime Player (free download here).
The clips are for private/internal use only. ©MPE if not stated otherwise. No public presentation! If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail (see below).
*iPod® compatible.

4 Tesla Magnet

(116 MB)

First tests on the superconducting
4 Tesla magnet for the study of
complex plasmas in magnetic
fields. (2002)

PKE-Nefedov, Setup

(87 MB)

PKE-Nefedov, the first plasma
crystal experiment on board the
ISS. Schematic setup. (2002)

PKE-Nefedov on ISS

PKE-Nefedov, ISS
(146 MB)

The PKE-Nefedov facility arrives
on the space station and the first
experiments are performed.
(March 2001)

Cosmonaut Padalka with

Padalka mit PKE TN
(46 MB)

Russian cosmonaut G. Padalka
onboard the ISS operating the
plasma crystal experiment.

Research minister at
russian space control

Bulmahn-Video TN
(105 MB)

German Research Minister E.
Bulmahn visits the space control
center in Moscow and is informed
about the PKE-Nefedov experi-
ment. (2005)

Thomas Reiter gives a
lecture in space

Reiter, ISS
(84 MB)

German astronaut Thomas Reiter
introduces some students on
Earth to PK-3 Plus onboard
the ISS. (2006)

PK-4 on a parabolic flight

PF35 Pic
(101 MB)

The PK-4 experiment takes part
in parabolic flight campaign #35
onboard Airbus A300 Zero-G.
(2003)   (without comment)

''Dance of the Particles''

Dance Pic
(80 MB)

Microparticles in a plasma
dance weightlessly to a waltz
tune during a parabolic flight.

''Fly me to the Moon''

Moon Pic
(65 MB)

Observations during a lunar
gravity parabola onboard the
Airbus A300 Zero-G.
(2009)   (German audio only)

Plasma physics -
From Space to Earth

MPE Movie
(252 MB)

Film about plasma research at
MPE: From plasma crystals to
plasma health care. (2012)

''Expedition 1''

(151 MB)

The first ISS crew operates the
plasma crystal experiment.
(2012 edition)

More to come soon...

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