Plasma Physics

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3. Some devices used for the plasma diagnostic

Ion counter Ion counter (AlphaLab):
Ion density meter based on the Gerdien Tube design. The measurable density is up to 2 x 107 cm-3.

UV spectrometer   UV spectrometer (AvaSpec 2048):
A spectrometer for measuring UV light (200 ~ 400 nm wavelength) with a 2048 pixel CCD.

Environmental chamber   Environmental chamber:
A chamber which can control the ambient temperature (-75 – 180°C) and relative humidity (10 – 95%). The size of this chamber inside is 77 x 102 x 74.5 cm3.

Chemiluminescence   Chemiluminescence NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer:
This device uses the chemiluminescence measurement principle, coupled with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology for monitoring high and medium levels of nitrogen oxides.

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