1. 1.10.2010: Dr. Eyal Neistein & Dr. Jan-Pieter Paardekooper join TMoX as post-doctoral fellows

  2. 1.9.2010: Elizabeth Eardley from the University of Oxford first student to start an internship at MPE as part of the TMoX-Somerville College internship program.

  3. 1.8.2010: Bhaskar Agarwal joins TMoX as a new PhD student. The thesis will focus on early structure formation in the universe. 

  4. 01.7.2010: TMoX received computing time from the DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative (DECI-6) to explore the importance of AGN jet activity for the evolution of massive galaxies in highly resolved cosmological simulations.

  5. 1.6.2010: Claudio Dalla Vecchia from the TMoX group is awarded a Marie-Curie Re-integration Grant.

  6. 10.5.2010: TMoX granted access to Ringberg Castle to host international workshop in June 2011.

  7. 15.4.2010: Prof. Sheila Kannappan & Ms Amanda Moffett from the University of North Carolina visit TMoX to collaborate on topics related to the accretion of gas onto galaxies.

  8. 1.4.2010: TMoX official partner in the RESOLVE survey.

  9. 15.2.2010: Claudia Simion, master student in computational science at TU Munich, starting an internship focusing on the use of GPUs for visualisation of SPH simulations using tessellation methods.

  10. 1.12.2009: Internship program between Somerville College Oxford and TMoX established. Undergraduate students from the University of Oxford will visit the MPE for a duration of 4 weeks during the summer and work with scientists in the TMoX group. 

  11. 9.10.2009: "Golden Spike Award 2009" of the High Performance Computing Centre in Stuttgart (HLRS) awarded to Volker Gaibler from the TMoX Group for his contributions to High-Performance Computing


  1. 10.8.2009: DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative (DECI-5) granted computing time on European supercomputers to TMoX, to simulate the formation of the first structures and galaxies in the universe.

  2. 1.7.2009: DAAD-KOSEF exchange student Mr. Dowon Yi, from Yonsei University starts a two month visit to the TMoX Group to work on the infall of satellites onto host galaxies within cosmological N-body+SPH simulations.