Diploma/Masters Theses:
  1.  Investigating the merging history of dark matter halos in various cosmological models using Monte-Carlo methods based on analytic prescriptions for the growth of structure
  2.  Determining the star formation history of galaxies using a combination of multi-waveband photometry and modelled star formation histories for a large ensemble of galaxies
  3.  Investigating heavy computational astrophysical problems using CUDA programming on TESLA 10 GPU boards
PhD Theses:
  1.  Using Bayesian estimators in combination with galaxy formation models to estimate model parameters.
  2.  Analysing and running high-resolution simulations of the formation of the first objects in the universe on massive parallel computers
For more information on these topics and further available topics please contact Dr. Sadegh Khochfar (sadeghk@mpe....)