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Archive of MPE Project WWW Pages

Almost all MPE projects that have been finished have on their web pages information that can not be found easily elswhere. Therefore the web pages of this projects are archived here.

Please note that this is an archive and links on this pages may be obsolete. Also, the text has not been updated and therefore it may seem that the projects are still active.

internal link GaAs Photoconductors
1995 - 2005
  The Gallium-Arsenid infrared detectors were a development for the far infrared and should have been used on the infrared telescope onboard the SOFIA airplane and on the ESA satellite Herschel (aka FIRST). During the long development phase it turned out that the production of the extremely pure GaAs material was very problematic. Also, MPE interest in developments in the far infared regime changed and the project was abandoned at MPE.

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