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ROSAT calendar 2003

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X-Ray Astronomy
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Cover: Entrance opening of one of the X-ray telescopes of XMM-Newton


January: X-ray astronomy pioneers Giacconi, Gursky, and Hendel February: XMM-Newton X-ray image from the center of our Galaxy March: Galaxy cluster "Abell 3667"

April: Supernova remnant RCW 103 in X-ray false colors May: "X-ray view" in the "heart" of
 the Galaxy NGC 6240 (Chandra) June: Starburst-Galaxie NGC 30 (XMM-Newton / EPIC PN)

July: X-ray emission from Mars (Chamdra) August: Spiral Galaxy M33 (XMM/EPIC) September: X-ray Test Facility
 PANTER over the years - H. Bräuninger and J. Trümper

October: Gamma-ray Observatory INTEGRAL November: Quasar APM 08279+5255 (XMM-Newton) December: Sky Map in the light of
 the 1.809 MeV line of <sup>26</sup>Al

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