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NGC 4622; NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)
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General Services
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Data Processing

Coordination of computing and data processing activities is handled by a committee with representatives from all working groups of the institute. It is supported by a central group for system support and programming. The main tasks of the committee are the coordination and evaluation of new hardware and software procurement, the conception and control of central installations such as the local-area network, the access to external networks and the public printers. In addition, the committee is co-ordinating the collaboration with the Garching Computer Centre (RZG) and takes care of the computer-related training of MPE members.
The members of the central computing support group maintain the central installations i. e. network, server workstations, printers, and the official WWW pages with up-to-date information about the institute. They are also part-time involved in the data processing of our main science projects like ROSAT, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, Cluster and Herschel. This guarantees the horizontal flow of information and experience.

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Electrical Engineering

What are visions and ideas worth, if it is not possible to realise them?
In order to realise visions and ideas, cogitated by directors and scientists at the MPE, to explore the Universe, into real projects, like satellites and earthbound instruments that explore space and/or experiment design for both, manned and unmanned spaceflights for fundamental research, the support of a team of highly motivated and qualified engineers, technicians and mechanics is essential. The department of electrical engineering, with staff from the electromechanical workshop and development department, is building a part of this team.

This team is prepared to:

  • Cooperate internationally and interdisciplinary
  • Continue professional training
  • Keep pace with the newest state-of-the-art techniques
  • Be away on business for several weeks at home and abroad

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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering Department includes:
  • the design office
  • the test facility for environmental tests
  • the plastic laboratory
  • the mechanical workshops
  • the education workshop
In this department mainly instruments for the experimental astrophysics are developed and partly manufactured in close cooperation with the scientists, electronic people and with industry. A wide spectrum of tasks has to be dealt with reaching from precision instrument engineering over special purpose machines to extreme lightweight construction.
Also product assurance and verification by tests are included.
Particular development problems result from mostly extreme requirements such as cleanliness, stress due to vibration loads during rocket launch or the operation of the instruments in vacuum at deepest temperatures near absolute zero.
For design and development, 2D/3D-CAD as well as FE-software are standard tools. For environmental tests one shaker and two thermal vacuum chambers can be utilized in the test facility. The mechanical workshop is mainly equipped with NC-machine tools. CAD/CAM is more and more included.
In the education workshop of the institute up to 8 apprentices can be instructed.

Further information (in German) is available through the public WWW pages of the
link mechanical engineering group .

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The Administration supports the managing directors of the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysik and the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrische Physik in carrying out their executive duties. These activities also extend to the branches of the MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics in Neuried (test facilities) and in München-Neuperlach (semiconductor laboratory), as well as its guest house in Berkeley, California.
The Administration's main areas of work involve the handling of personnel matters relating to its own staff as well as to junior researchers and foreign guest scientists, the procurement of scientific and other equipment, and the organization and maintenance of the institute's infrastructure. Additional core tasks include the planning and administration of institutional and third-party funds, along with the due processing of receipts and disbursements supplying proof of the correct usage of appropriated funds. In performing these functions, the Administration is required to comply with the laws, statutory instruments, legal provisions and guidelines applicable to the Max Planck Society and its institutes. In addition, the Administration advises the directors on the implementation of these rules and guidelines.

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Publication Services and Copy Shop

The institute's copy shop owns all the machinery necessary for the production of reports, brochures and preprints for the MPE and MPA. In addition, it produces business products such as stationary and envelopes and reproduces color copies for these institutes.
Our graphic group is in the position to prepare all kinds of graphics and images for publications, brochures, and posters.

Further information (in German) is available through the public WWW pages of the
link publication group .

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The   external link Astrobibliothek   is the joint library for the Max-Planck-Institutes for Astrophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics. We also work together with related institutes and their scientists and help with literature requests that only we can fulfil. With a stock of 280 current journals and about 15,000 monographs (increase of about 400 a year) and 20,000 journal volumes (increase of about 600 a year) we are a rather small specialized library for the use of our colleagues and guests.
Our stock of monographs and journals is electronically registered. Among our special collections one can find observatory publications, reports, and preprints as well as slides, films, and videos. New incoming preprints and reports are shown on the MPA website. We also manage and sent out reprints, reports, and preprints from both institutes

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